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Security technology is not working.
Breaches are becoming more frequent.

As malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks proliferate,
management tends to say "let's just try harder"
instead of considering new architectures that, while effective,
would be disruptive to their already busy lives.

They need to hear from YOU, their board member.

An illusion of security

Security technology is not working
— for very understandable reasons.

Take a moment to hear Wes Kussmaul, CEO of Authentrus, explain
why security technology development has been based upon "Power Rangers" ideas,
instead of the far more effective principle of accountability.

And yet, a well-established solution has been hiding in plain sight for years.

Learn what your organization can do
to stop the breaches, ransomware, phishing attacks, malware, fraud, and
other totally avoidable challenges that characterize today's
on-premise and cloud-based information infrastructures.

It all starts with the remarkable digital construction material called PKI:

But a pile of construction materials is not a secure, habitable building.
Here's the rest of the story:

Let Wes Kussmaul show how PKI Done Right will solve your organization's security problems, and will bring new effectiveness to its operations as an added benefit.

What's wrong with existing security technologies?

Almost all security technology in use is built upon the assumption that it is possible to determine the intentions and character of the sender of a stream of bits.

That's like telling the lobby receptionist in your building to determine the intentions and character of everyone who walks through the door. It’s simply impossible.

Instead, you’d ask the receptionist to get some ID from visitors, establishing who is accountable for what happens while they're in the building.

Managers have known for decades that the most important component of physical security is accountability. It's not about identifying bad guys and good guys. That's appropriate for a commando outpost whose job is to secure captured territory, but inappropriate for a business facility where a multitude of complex processes take place in bounded spaces.

PKI, when deployed correctly, provides pervasive accountability.

Let Authentrus show how PKI Done Right will bring transformative security and effectiveness to the organization for which you bear responsibility.

What is AuthenticityTM?

In a nutshell, Authenticity is Pervasive Accountability with Privacy.

Expanding that a little,

AUTHENTICITYTM is the condition that exists when we have:

Digital signatures everywhere, backed by

Measurably reliable identity certificates that are

Owned by the Person Identified* and which provide

Privacy via Accountable AnonymityTM.

Board Members: Get your FREE eBook copy of Don't Get Norteled

The Equifax breach cost a mere $280 million.

Read about the breach that cost stockholders a thousand times that much.

Don’t Get Norteled by Wes Kussmaul


About us

Authentrus, a Member Enterprise of The Authenticity Alliance, serves members of boards of directors, by advising them of PKI-based alternatives to traditional security technologies.

Our team consists of engineers, educators, support people and others who are dedicated to replacing ineffective “cops and robbers” security with PKI Done Right.

Wes Kussmaul

After selling his first business to Rupert Murdoch's News America Corp., Wes wrote the first edition of Quiet Enjoyment, a book that showed
  • How security technologies are built upon flawed assumptions
  • How the alternative, PKI, had never been deployed properly
  • How PKI Done Right will solve our security problems while it brings new effectiveness to an organization's operations
Quiet Enjoyment caught the attention of the leadership of the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency, as they were launching an initiative to bring PKI-based security to global commerce. The ITU subsequently transferred responsiblity for the project to a new certification authority headed by Mr. Kussmaul.

Let Wes Kussmaul show how PKI Done Right
will solve your organization's security problems, and
will bring new effectiveness to its operations as an added benefit.

Let us know a good time to discuss how AuthenticityTM will transform your organization:

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